Pre-Event Day

WindENG compeition starts with the release of the Rules for the year.  The rules evolved each year as the WindENG team learned and as a means to foster innovation.

Teams registered for the event (typically at least a few months prior to event day) and following registration they received their WindENG kit.  The WindENG kit included the electric motor that must be used and typically additional items to help teams to get started (e.g. a multi-meter, a load resistor and WindENG hub).

Event Day

Teams arrived 30 minutes prior to their scheduled heat.  Upon arrival they registered and had their entries checked to ensure compliance with the rules (e.g. size, materials and number of blades).

Each heat (5 teams) then proceeded to the judging room.  Each of the 5 teams, in turn, would provide a brief presentation of their design and this was followed by a series of technical questions from the judging panel.  Judges each year comprised of a combination of professors, students, practicing engineers, and/or individuals from the wind energy industry.

Following judging, the 5 teams moved on to the wind tunnel.  Each team had their time in the tunnel.  Their design was mounted in the tunnel with the assistance of the WIndENG team.  The tunnel was closed and the wind was turned up to 5.0 m/s. The power generated was measured with the score board responding dynamically as the power generated increased.  Live feed provided the score board and video from within the tunnel to the central lecture theatre on campus to permit all to track performance and progress.  

Championship heat was then held approximately 30 minutes following the last of the preliminary heats.  The championship heat consisted of the top 5 teams from the preliminary heats.  Most championship heat teams were adjusting and tweeking their designs between their preliminary heat and the championships.

Finally, the closing ceremonies were held to recognize all of the winners (all categories) and to thank all contributors.

Following Event Day

Preparations began for the next year!

© Warren Stiver 2018