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1st - Wings, Rehoboth Christian School, Norwich

2nd - Marauders, A.N. Myers SS, Niagara Falls

3rd - Swamp Power, Lakeshore Catholic SS, Port Colborne


1st - Hello Yes, Father Michael McGivney Catholic,, Markham

P1030035 0.img assist custom-375x500

2nd - Tempest, Toronto 

P1030033.img assist custom-500x375

3rd - WindFX-2, Mississauga

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1st - RCS Wings of Rehoboth, Rehoboth Christian School, Norwich

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2nd - McGivney 1, Father Michael McGivney Catholic,, Markham

IMG 5323.img assist custom-500x334

3rd - FX ENG 2, Francis Xavier, Mississauga

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1st - Aeroflux, Missauga SS, Mississauga

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2nd - Beal Raiders 2, HB Beal, London

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3rd - Gerrit Ten Hove Team 1, Rehoboth Christian School, Norwich

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1st - Northern Wind I, Northern SS, Toronto

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2nd - Icarus I Engineering, Father Michael McGivney Catholic, Markham

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3rd - Beal Raiders, H.B. Beal, London

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4th - Wind Up, Rehoboth Christian School, Norwich

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5th - Up in the Air, William Lyon Mackenzie CI, Toronto

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1st - Duch WindMill Men, Orangeville DSS, Orangeville

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2nd - Icarus Engineering, Father Michael McGivney, Markham

IMG 2672 edited-2

3rd - Random Engineering, St. Benedict CSS, Sudbury

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1st - “St. David”, St. David, Waterloo


2nd - Dutch Windmill Men, Orangeville District SS, Orangeville

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3rd - Team MSc, William Lyon Mackenzie CI, North York

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1st - Switch, William Lyon Mackenzie CI, Toronto


2nd - Lyons Team 1, William Lyon Mackenzie CI, Toronto

2ndplace 0

3rd - Götter der Winde, Father Michael McGivney Catholic, Markham

3rdplace 0

4th - Geek Squad, Orangeville DHS, Orangeville

4thplace 0

5th - Lightning, Listowel District Secondary, Listowel

5thplace 0

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