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Highest Power ➽ Energy SHSM Chargers 1, Garth Webb SS, Oakville

Most Innovative ➽ Ram Power, Stratford Central SS, Stratford & Stangforce, Vincent Massey SS, Windsor

Best Workmanship ➽ Swamp Power, Lakeshore Catholic SS, Port Colbourne

Best Spirit ➽ 11 Base Two Engineers, William Lyon Mackenzie CI, Toronto


Most Innovative ➽ RCS Wings, Norwich 

P1030027.img assist custom-500x375

& Eagles of Eastdale 2, Welland

P1030025.img assist custom-500x375

Best Workmanship ➽ The Sharks, Welland

Best Spirit ➽ Team Safety, Mississauga


Most Innovative ➽ DAYDREAMT WRATH of West Park, St. Catharines

IMG 5316.img assist custom-500x334

Best Workmanship ➽ Notre Dame Wind 1, Notre Dame, Welland

IMG 5315.img assist custom-500x334

Most Enthusiasm ➽ AIRBENDERS, Lincoln Alexander, Mississauga

IMG 5319.img assist custom-500x334


Design Innovation ➽ PACE Invaders, PACE, Richmond Hill 

WindSimplicity1.img assist custom-430x287

& Gerrit Ten Hove 2, Rehoboth Christian School, Norwich

WindSimplicity2.img assist custom-430x287

Best Workmanship ➽ 3Ps, Woburn CI, Scarborough

Best Spirit ➽ Fan Inverse, Vincent Massey SS, Windsor

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Best Rookie Team ➽ TAB Energy SHSM2, T.A. Blakelock H.S., Oakville


Design Innovation ➽ Blades of Glory, The Woodlands, Mississauga

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Best Spirit ➽ WindFX, Vincent Massey SS, Windsor

spirit 0.img assist custom-430x287

Best Rookie Team ➽ Airbenders, L.M. Alexander SS, Mississauga

news2010 rookie.img assist custom-430x287

Commuter Challenge ➽ Mustang WindENG, Msgr, Doyle CSS, Cambridge & Harbord Tigers, Harbord CI., Toronto


Design Innovation ➽ Zephyr, George Harvey CI, Toronto 

IMG 2655 edited-1

& Random Engineering, St. Benedict CSS, Sudbury

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Best Workmanship ➽ TERKK, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic HS, Guelph

IMG 2649

Best Spirit ➽ The Austromancers, Richmond Green SS, Richmond Hill 

IMG 2525

& WInd In Function, Vincent Massey SS, Windsor

IMG 2568 edited-1

Commuter Challenge ➽ Mississauga SS, Mississauga; Sir Over Mowat CI, London; Scarborough Clarke Road SS, London; Msgr Doyle Catholic SS, Cambridge; & St. Benedict CSS, Sudbury


Best Spirit ➽ Switch, William Lyon Mackenzie CI, North York; WP2, St. Michael CSS, Stratford; & Mustang II, Vincent Massey SS, Windsor

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